Where Does Chaga Birch Grow? where to find chaga mushroom

Nature gives us a lot of useful things. Chaga is the most interesting mushroom of all and this mushroom grows mainly on birches. Has gained popularity due to its useful and medicinal properties.

Let’s discuss where Chaga grow and where to find Chaga mushroom.

where does chaga birch grow

Chaga Mushroom Information and Description

Chaga is a species of Tinder fungus, often this mushroom is called True Tinder fungus, or Chaga birch mushroom. Outwardly, it resembles an oval-shaped brown growth. Initially, it may seem that the mushroom is soft, but this is only at the edges. The beveled tinder fungus cannot be removed without using a knife or ax. The weight is approximately 4 kilograms.

The cut tinder fungus is considered a parasitic fungus since during its development it destroys the tree. The approximate life cycle is 10 years. Dies at the same time as the tree on which it grows.

What is birch Chaga good for?

Despite the fact that the Chaga mushroom is not considered useful for trees, it has a number of healing properties and characteristics for human health (while the age of the fruiting body does not play a role):

  • enhances immunity and eliminates infectious diseases;
  • has a calming effect on stress and depression;
  • quickly eliminates skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne and post-acne, acne, diathesis;
  • helps with insomnia;
  • used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcer);
  • acts as a biostimulant;
  • used for chemotherapy.

What does Chaga mushroom contain?

Chaga Mushroom Contains:

  • potassium – maintains pressure, prevents stroke;
  • manganese – normalizes the gastrointestinal tract processes, stabilizes the immune system;
  • fiber – prevents intestinal and gastric diseases, normalizes digestion;
  • lignin – a substance capable of removing toxins and toxins from the body;
  • oxalic acid – improves metabolism;
  • formic acid – has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves swelling and reduces pain;
  • vanillic acid – removes harmful bacteria;
  • zinc – improves the work of the cardiovascular system, restores hormonal disruptions;
  • copper – strengthens bones and increases hemoglobin;
  • iron – stimulates the thyroid gland, strengthens the immune system.

What are the medicinal properties of chaga?

Certain medications and dietary supplements based on Chaga can be purchased at any pharmacy or in an online store. But you can prepare the product yourself. Prepare from chaga mushroom:

  • broth;
  • ointment;
  • butter;
  • alcohol from chaga;
  • tinctures and solutions.

Important! Products from the cut tinder fungus, like other medical products, have their own expiration date. The healing properties last only 2 years, and it is very easy to prepare them.

where to find chaga mushroom?

What trees does Chaga grow on? 

The cut tinder fungus can grow on maple, birch, mountain ash, alder, and other trees. But the most popular and useful is birch chaga.

How to find chaga in the forest?

You can find it in all regions of Russia in forests, birch groves, and taiga. Biologists note that the most frequent habitat was seen in the Caucasus, the Urals, and Bashkiria. The Vologda region is also considered a popular place for the growth of the miracle mushroom. The fruit body gains its beneficial properties from the tree on which it grows. From birch, for example, it sucks birch sap, thereby filling itself with vitamins.

When chaga Mushroom appears?

Birch chaga grows year-round and stops growing when the tree’s life cycle ends. It is most convenient to collect it in autumn and spring, since it is during these periods of the year that it is more noticeable among the leaves. Summer is also good for harvesting, but finding can be a little difficult.

When to Pick chaga Mushroom?

It is not recommended to cut the chaga or True tinder fungus from dry trees, as it no longer has useful components. You should also observe the color and texture of the cut mushroom. It should be brown, but not black. When touched, the mushroom should not crumble.

Important! Chaga collected from a birch grove has more useful components than from individual trees.

is chaga mushroom edible?

Birch chaga is not edible and therefore not suitable for internal consumption. The beveled tinder fungus is used exclusively in medicines and in the creation of preventive drinks.

Instructions for making tea: pour boiling water over 1 teaspoon of chaga. Do not abuse this drink, it is recommended to use it once a week.

Is there a false chaga mushroom?

is there a false chaga mushroom

The false tinder fungus has many external similarities with the beveled tinder fungus. If you are more careful, you can find a couple of differences:

  1. The false tinder fungus is more ideal in shape, while the chaga has the shape of a careless oval or circle.
  2. False fungus grows on dry wood, chaga dies along with the tree, so you need to look for it only on a living plant. The stump is also the habitat of the false plant.
  3. A common tinder fungus is easier to remove from a tree, while chaga can only be collected with a knife.

False tinder fungus is not considered poisonous, but if the ultimate goal is to make a medicinal product, then you need to know the main differences.

can you grow chaga indoors?

Artificial cultivation of chaga was first used in China due to the lack of a useful mushroom in the country. To grow it artificially at home, it will take several years for the mushroom to take root, and then start growing.

Small cuts are made on the bark of the tree, which are moistened with water. A small piece of chaga is pushed into the incisions and fixed with wax to prevent the ingress of microorganisms. Next, the tree is tied with gauze. The birch mushroom begins to grow after 4 years. The collection is carried out after 10 years.

Frequently asked questions About Chaga

Does it matter at what height the Chaga was cut?

Yes, it has. Most of the vitamins are collected by the product that grows closer to the top of the tree.

Is it possible to collect Chaga near the road?

Not recommended, as polluted air from cars has a negative effect on the quality of the mushroom. You should also avoid groves near factories, industrial enterprises.

How much and how to store a birch mushroom correctly?

Before storing a product, it must be trained. Dry chaga in a ventilated area. A humidifier is a good option. It is better to store the mushroom in the basement; prepare a paper tablecloth first. Do not put chaga in a glass jar and close it with a lid, the air must circulate. It is generally accepted that the shelf life is 1 year, but this is not the case. Chaga loses its healing properties only after 2 years.

Interesting! The birch mushroom can be used not only in medicines, it is also very often added to the composition of Korean cosmetics.

How to find chaga?

The search is not a difficult process, a huge growth is immediately evident, especially if the collection takes place in the fall.

Despite the fact that chaga is a medicinal product, you need to know what subspecies are available and what its use in medicine can be.