When to Pick mushrooms (Growth Months, safety Rules) Guide

Not only do gardeners and flower gardens have calendars for planting, transplanting, and caring for plants, but more recently, mushroom pickers as well. 

Mycologists and astrologers offer various calculations that facilitate the process of quiet hunting, allowing you to pick mushrooms in different months, focusing on the fruiting of certain edible and conditional species, regions, and even countries. With their help, it is easy to find out if there are mushrooms in a deciduous or coniferous forest today by comparing numbers and other recommendations that affect the success of filling baskets, buckets, and other equipment.

Most of the harvest can be harvested in forests with fertile soil and high levels of humidity. The climate is most favorable for the germination of protein fruits from the beginning of summer until the first autumn frosts. The peak season falls on three months: August, September, and October.

when to pick mushrooms

Importance of Lunar calendar of the mushroom picker

The mushroom kingdom never belonged to the world of animals and plants. A separate group, classified as a separate branch of science mycology, is easy to learn as a hobby if the local resident knows firsthand about the distinguishing features of edible, poisonous, and false mushroom subspecies. Knowing the difference and focusing on the phases of the moon, it will not be difficult to facilitate tasks such as collection, processing, storage, and preparation.so, you must have knowledge about mushrooms.

Despite the varieties of families and subspecies, all mushrooms are 70-90% water. And this means that the lunar phases and their change directly affect the content of the forest product.

 According to leading astrologers, the active germination of the mycelium begins during the period of growth and stops at the time of decrease.

And at least to collect, it is recommended at the time of collection, to engage in preparations for the winter, more correctly in the phase of decline. Quiet hunters have experienced that pickled and canned recipes, dried and frozen, keep much better if the day is right.

The most favorable days for picking mushrooms, drying, freezing, and canning for the winter according to the lunar calendar.

Important! Despite the favorable days of the Lunar calendar provided by astrologers, mushroom picking should be carried out only during the period of precipitation. The best days are considered to be a week from the moment the rains intensify. 2-3 days is enough to activate the mycelium in the established month of fruiting.

Unfortunately, a little rain is not enough for the good germination of mushrooms. The more moisture, the more mushrooms can be collected in the forest zone. At the same time, it does not matter at all whether a small forest belt is chosen for collection or a vast forest area, both deciduous and coniferous, and mixed.

what month do mushrooms grow?

With a positive air temperature exceeding the mark above 0 degrees, it will allow mushroom pickers to collect the maximum usefulness in the form of Flammulina. Winter honey agaric on trees, stumps, and at their foot, visible from afar. The reddish hue stands out brightly from December to February, as if asking for a picker’s basket. However, germination can be higher than a person’s height, so it is recommended to take a ski pole with you when going on a quiet hunt.

what month is mushroom season

Fruiting periods, list by months in which mushrooms grow:

  • in January – you can detect mushrooms in exceptional cases if the air temperature remains abnormally warm. Germination is possible in the following families: oyster mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, winter mushrooms and truffles in small quantities;
  • in February – you can see only two types: oyster mushrooms and winter mushrooms. Even in the southern regions, early fruiting in the last month of winter is impossible;
  • in March – the germination of oyster mushrooms and honey mushrooms continues. However, if frosts persist in the region, it is not advisable to go in search of a mushroom delicacy;
  • in April, as in years earlier, from the middle of the month, the active fruiting of morels and lines begins. The latter can be poisonous, so it is recommended to carefully study the distinguishing features and methods of heat treatment in order to remove poisons, toxins and carcinogens;
  • in May, as in the first month of spring, morels and lines actively grow until the temperature mark in the daytime exceeds 20 degrees Celsius, and drought comes to replace the rains. From the middle of the month, mushroom pickers can start a quiet hunt for boletus (boletus and boletus), russula;
  • in June, mushrooms appear first, aspen mushrooms and boletus continue to grow. In many regions with forest areas famous for coniferous trees, they often find: russula, champignons and chanterelles;
  • in July, in addition to the mushrooms listed in June, the calendar recommends checking for the presence of meadow and summer mushrooms, mushrooms and umbrellas from the champignon family. After rain, even in abandoned areas, raincoats and mossiness mushrooms actively sprout;
  • in August – the germination of summer mushrooms continues. However, in addition to the above list, the list is replenished with: mushrooms and boletus, Assumption mushrooms, in rare cases, rows;
  • in September, go to the forest, stands behind the noble species of mushrooms. In deciduous and coniferous zones, depending on the place of fruiting, you can find: white and Polish mushrooms, buttercups, champignons and chanterelles, camelinas and oyster mushrooms. If the harvest does not live up to expectations, the alternative will be: russula and rows, autumn mushrooms (including thick-legged ones);
  • in October, the situation is identical. Subspecies of mushrooms from all known are almost identical. However, old pines remain an ideal place for mycelium of hygrophores and spruce mushrooms;
  • in November, the mushroom season wanes, reducing the ranks of quiet hunters to a minimum. Only the most courageous mushroom pickers, who know a lot about cooking first and second courses, salads and appetizers for alcohol, can appreciate the presence in the forest thicket of the following species: truffles, mushrooms and oyster mushrooms;
  • in December, germination persists only in warm regions with a mild climate. In the open spaces of the forest at temperatures above zero, mushroom pickers can go for flammulina, truffles and oyster mushrooms.

When to pick mushrooms?


in May – until the 15th;
June, July and August are absent.

The search should be carried out in young aspens, where there is enough daylight and humidity levels.


in May – from 14 to 31;
in June – from 1 to 15 until the heat begins;
in July and August, growth can be increased only in case of rainfall.

When to pick Chanterelles mushrooms?

May – absent;
from mid-June to the end of August – in large quantities, suitable for cooking and freezing for the winter.

You can collect chanterelles in any forest. However, as the practice of most mushroom pickers shows, most often and in large volumes, fruits germinate in mixed forests.


Mushrooms grow actively from mid-June until the first frosts that fall for most regions in November-December. The fruits are harvested from old forests as soon as the semi-white varieties have faded.

Butcher mushrooms

Boletus and boletus have an identical fruiting schedule. The only difference between them is that the place of growth comes from the name.

in June – the first half of the month;
in July and August – all 8 weeks.

When to pick honey mushrooms?

In comparison with other types of mushrooms, mushrooms have many subspecies. The calendar speaks of a large fruit bearing that falls from mid-spring. Growth stops only in frosts, when temperatures are below zero. Depending on the region of residence, lovers of quiet hunting can hunt for spring, summer, autumn and even winter subspecies flammulina.

conifer mushrooms

Coniferous mushrooms, which prefer sawdust, germinate most often from mid-summer – to July. Peak season falls in August and September. The final decade is October and December.

Milk mushrooms and waves

Despite the fact that some mushrooms are considered noble, while others are conditionally edible, fruiting falls at the beginning of August. The exact date may vary by one to two weeks earlier or vice versa, later than the deadline.

mushroom picking safety rules

  1. Do not go looking too far from home without knowing the area for sure. The right decision would be to choose a forest located near the city limits. 35-50 km outside the city limits will be enough. It is better to take a compass or GPS navigator with you. With their help, it will be easier to get out of the forest by finding a car in a parking area.
  2. It should be deleted from the list of the best places to collect, options located in contaminated areas. The list should include places close to industrial facilities, garbage dumps, highways, cemeteries.
  3. Most subspecies of mushrooms germinate in groups. Having found one fruit, the mushroom picker should not leave the plot of land. Much better to look around.
  4. It is worth avoiding mushrooms that cause doubt or distrust. A full basket of protein products is not worth the loss of health and bad memories.
  5. Clothing must be closed, completely covering the head and neck, arms, torso and legs. Such protection will prevent the bites of insects and snakes that inject their poison.

The mushroom picker calendar will allow you to find out the most favorable days for picking and harvesting for the winter, as well as the approximate periods when it is better to pick mushrooms in order to fill the baskets quickly and to the full.