Monotub vs Shotgun Fruiting Chamber For Mushroom Growing

Many people are curious about the differences between shotgun fruiting chambers (sgfc) and monotub cultures for mushroom growing. In this article, we will explore these two methods in detail, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages.

shotgun fruiting chamber vs monotub for mushroom growing

shotgun fruiting chamber vs monotub

Let’s discuss the differences between shotgun fruiting chamber vs monotub in detail. It will help you to decide which one is better for you. The shotgun Fruiting chamber is also known as sgfc.


When it comes to fruiting chambers, there are a few different options to choose from. One popular option is the shotgun fruiting chamber, which is a small, round chamber that can hold around 1-2 quarts of a substrate. This type of chamber is often used for smaller projects or when limited space is available.

Another popular option is the monotub, which is a large, rectangular chamber that can hold up to 30 quarts of the substrate. This type of chamber is often used for larger projects or when more space is available.

Both the shotgun fruiting chamber and the monotub have their pros and cons, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the convenience and portability of the shotgun fruiting chamber, while others prefer the larger size and versatility of the monotub.

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Ease of Use:

The shotgun fruiting chamber is a great option if you’re looking for something that is easy to use. All you have to do is put your cakes or spawn in the chamber and wait for them to fruit. The downside is that it can be difficult to get the air circulation just right, which can lead to problems with contamination.

The monotub is a little more complicated to set up, but it is much easier to get the air circulation right. This makes it less likely to contaminate your mushrooms.

Fruiting Conditions:

The main difference between the two is that the shotgun fruiting chamber has more surface area for the mushrooms to grow on, while the monotub has more volume.

The conditions in each type of chamber are also different. The shotgun fruiting chamber needs to be kept warm and humid, while the monotub can be a little cooler and drier.


Which is more expensive, a shotgun fruiting chamber or a monotub grow?

There is no definitive answer, as the cost of each fruiting chamber will vary depending on the size and materials used. However, a general estimate would be that a shotgun fruiting chamber costs more than a monotub grow. This is because a shotgun fruiting chamber typically requires more materials and labor to construct, and it also has a smaller growing area.


One of the main benefits of using a shotgun fruiting chamber is that the clean-up process is much easier than with a monotub. When you are done fruiting, you can simply dump out the spent substrate and give the chamber a quick wipe down. With a monotub, you have to carefully remove all of the pins and fruit, then clean every nook and cranny of the tub before you can start over. This can be a lot of work, especially if you are growing on a large scale.


The shotgun fruiting chamber is a simple design that is easy to make yourself. It is also very durable, making it a good choice for outdoor grows. However, it can be difficult to keep humidity high in this type of chamber, and it can be challenging to harvest mushrooms from it.

The monotub is a more complex design, but it is easier to keep humidity high in it. This makes it a better choice for indoor grows. However, the monotub is not as durable as the shotgun fruiting chamber and can be damaged if mishandled.

Pros and cons of shotgun fruiting chambers:

When growing mushrooms, many people choose to use fruiting chambers. This can be an indoor or outdoor setup, and is used to provide the correct environment for the mushrooms to grow. There are a few different types of fruiting chambers, but one of the most popular is the shotgun fruiting chamber.

There are pros and cons to using a shotgun fruiting chamber. The pros include that it is easy to set up and use, and it is a relatively cheap option. The con is that it can be difficult to get the humidity and temperature levels just right. If they are not perfect, it can lead to problems with the mushrooms growing correctly.

Pros and cons of monotub fruiting chambers:

When growing mushrooms, you have the option of using a monotub fruiting chamber. This is a container in which you grow your mushrooms in one large batch. There are pros and cons to using this type of fruiting chamber.

One pro is that you can get a high yield from a monotub. This is because all of the mushrooms are grown in one location, so they can all mature at the same time. Additionally, since the mushrooms are all grown together, they will all share the same environment and nutrients, which helps to produce high-quality mushrooms.

A con of using a monotub is that it can be difficult to maintain humidity levels. If the humidity is too low, the mushrooms may not grow properly. If it is too high, the mushrooms may become wet and start to rot.

How do you set up a shotgun fruiting chamber?

There are many ways to set up a shotgun fruiting chamber, but this is one easy way that will work for most people. First, get a plastic storage container with a lid. The size of the container will depend on how many mushrooms you want to grow. Next, drill about 20-25 1/2″ holes in the bottom of the container. Make sure the holes are big enough for the spawn to grow through.

After drilling the holes, line the bottom of the container with about an inch of vermiculite. Then, add your spawn to the top of the vermiculite and spread it out evenly. Next, add another inch of vermiculite over the spawn and mist it lightly with water. Put the lid on top and place the container in a warm, dark place.

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How do you set up a monotub fruiting chamber?

A monotub fruiting chamber is an easy way to grow mushrooms. It can be set up with a few simple items that you may have around your house. You will need a container that is at least 12 inches deep and 18 inches in diameter. This can be a plastic storage tub or a cardboard box. The bottom of the container should be lined with 2-3 inches of damp perlite or vermiculite. You can either purchase these products or you can make your own by mixing one part water with two parts soil.

The next step is to create the fruiting chamber itself. This can be done by cutting two holes in the top of the container, one for the light and one for the fan. The light should be positioned in the center of the container and the fan should be located on the opposite side, blowing air into the chamber.


In conclusion, a shotgun fruiting chamber is great for small to medium grows, while a monotub is better for larger grows. Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs.