Is Mushroom a Vegetable or not?

Mushrooms are truly mysterious “creatures”, so to speak, that break the minds of many scientists. And now we will try to figure out whether mushrooms are vegetables or animals, or maybe some kind of fruit at all? Well, everything in this world happens.

is mushroom a vegetable

Is Mushroom a Vegetable or not?

Mushrooms are neither a vegetable, nor a berry, nor a fruit, nor an animal. Now, if you are asked what a mushroom is and what class it belongs to, say: “a mushroom is a mushroom, belongs to mushrooms.” Seriously, their structure is so unique that it is impossible to specifically identify their affiliation. Let’s dig into biology.

This is a separate independent group of organisms. They combine the traits of both plants and animals. In other words, it is a kind of hybrid.

There are more than 100,000 species of these organisms in the world. They belong to a special evolutionary chain, combining at the same time the characteristics of animals and plants.

For example, they are considered animals because of their heterotrophic way of feeding, the presence of chitin on the walls of the shell, the appearance of urea during metabolism. But with plants, they are related by adsorptive nutrition (that is, by the absorption of useful trace elements through their root system. Also, they are similar to plants with their irregular growth.

They have a variety of similarities and differences within their family. They can be of different sizes, colors, shapes, tastes, compositions, etc. They also prefer different habitats. Someone likes damp places (most species), someone grows anywhere.

The vegetative body of this organism is the mycelium. It is also often called mycelium. It is a system of fine filaments that is either on or under the soil. Usually, the mycelium covers a large area in order to make it easier for it to absorb useful trace elements.

So, What is Mushroom in classification?

We all know that Linnaeus created a system (reproductive system) by which scientists still classify plants. But then even he became confused about the classification of mushrooms. In order not to rack his brains, he collected all the organisms incomprehensible to him and dumped them into one category “Chaos”.

Now, science has made it possible, at the genetic level, to establish the belonging of individual groups to a particular class. So, it was revealed that there is no relationship between some mushrooms. That is, all species do not represent a single system.

There are three mushroom branches. The first is real mushrooms. The second is algae with chlorophyll C. The third is myxomycetes. This is the closest category to animals. They are able to move and feed not only by the absorption method but also by the absorption method.

A mushroom is not something that is outside. It’s just a fruiting body, which got its name from people (chanterelle, boletus, etc.). A mushroom is a mycelium. That is, the entire system.

So what have we learned? Well, what mushrooms are mushrooms? These are not animals, let alone vegetables. It is an organism that belongs to the Kingdom of Fungi. In general, an independent, independent organism. Belonging to plants 100%.

Anyway, if in doubt, take a look at the classification. In the animal kingdom, everything is divided into 5 kingdoms:

  • animals;
  • plants;
  • mushrooms;
  • viruses;
  • bacteria.

That is, it is clear that the mushrooms are on their own.

Interesting Facts

As usual, so that the article does not seem very short to you, we have selected some of the most interesting facts about these amazing microorganisms.

  1. Amazing species of mushrooms grow in the rainforests of the Amazon. Their spores can rise high into the sky, thus creating a “blanket” that promotes condensation of water. In the future, this leads to rains, which help the mushrooms to develop further.
  2. The most expensive mushrooms are truffles. Their price today hovers around $ 3-5 per gram of product. Their ripening period ranges from 3 to 5 years.
  3. The most dangerous mushroom in the world is the pale grebe and the panther fly agaric. Speaking of the pale toadstool, her hat is enough to poison 4 people. At the same time, even extreme lovers will not be able to taste these fruiting bodies, since no treatments help to remove the toxins accumulated in their composition.
  4. They produce vitamin D. Moreover, they produce it under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. In this they are somewhat similar to us.
  5. Have heard, probably, the expression “under the mushrooms.” This is what they usually say about people who use psychotropic substances. The fact is that there are mushrooms on the planet that contain such substances. There are 144 types of them. After consumption, a person may experience hallucinations. Moreover, more than 100 species grow only in America.
  6. If favorable conditions are provided for him, then his disputes can remain in a state of “rest” for several centuries. Moreover, after they are removed from this state, they can safely continue to reproduce.
  7. Their vitality can only be envied. Scientists have irradiated them with all possible radiation, but they don’t care. And in 2002, in general, one mycelium was found in the destroyed reactor in Chernobyl.
  8. Almost all the mushrooms that you see on the market came to us from the PRC. It is China that is considered the largest supplier of mushrooms, accounting for 70%.
  9. Polypores that grow on tree trunks are real long-livers. Their growing season can last up to 80 years.
  10. Veselka ordinary grows very quickly. This organism can grow by 5 mm per hour. In the literal sense of the word, the mushroom grows just before our eyes. However, this has negative consequences. The lifespan of a veselka is on average 2 days.