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Today, dear friends, I would like to share with you the technology of growing mushrooms at home, which one specialist told me about. It is simple to make and can be grown right in the apartment all year round. Almost all the materials that you will use in this project are free.

growing shiitake mushrooms in coffee grounds

growing shiitake mushrooms in coffee grounds

In order to harvest year-round harvest right at home, you must first prepare the necessary materials. Here is the list:

  • coffee grounds (it is useful for its nutrients, which are so necessary for the normal growth of mushrooms);
  • corrugated cardboard (bacteria do not like it, and corrugated cardboard also helps air circulation in the container);
  • mushroom mycelium (for the first cultivation, you can try to take mushrooms);
  • alcohol;
  • transparent and dense garbage bags;
  • large plastic bottle;
  • knife or scissors.

Preparation of coffee ground for growing

First you need to prepare the materials. Soak cardboard sheets in water, hold for one or two minutes. Prepare fresh coffee grounds. You can ask the waiters at the nearest cafe. They throw away this valuable material anyway.

Cleaning and disinfection of plastic containers

Take a large plastic bottle and cut off the cap. Pierce or cut four to six small six-millimeter holes to allow air exchange and drainage at the very bottom of the container. Wipe the inside and outside of the container with 70 to 99 percent alcohol.

When you try to grow mushrooms at home, the biggest problem is contamination. So keep your work area as clean as possible and work quickly.

Layering thick and mycelium

So we got to the most interesting part of this project. Be sure to have a paper towel and alcohol nearby. Each time you should wipe both your hands and the surface with liquid to prevent the development of germs.

First lay three layers of cardboard sheets, then sprinkle the mycelium and cover it with a thin layer of fresh coffee grounds. It should not feel too hot or cold to the touch.

Fill the container in layers to the very top.

Be sure to close the top with a lid, leaving small holes. To ensure air exchange, put the container in a trash bag.

Mushrooms should grow in a dark and cool place within two weeks. After this time, you can already collect your first mushroom harvest from the coffee ground.