Are Morel Mushrooms Good for You? (Uses of True Morels)

Mushroom lovers need to know the benefits and harms. But many new morel mushroom pickers and hunters ask questions are morel mushrooms good for you. what are useful properties for humans and applications in daily life.

are morel mushrooms good for you

are morel mushrooms good for you?

Yes, First of all, morels are valued for their taste. This is a versatile product that is good both freshly prepared, frozen, and dried. One of the most famous world-class restaurateurs and haute cuisine maestro Walter Steib puts morels in value second only to truffles.

In addition to a pleasant taste, morels contain a real storehouse of valuable substances: vitamins A, C, D, B1, B2, B5, C, D, PP, iron, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Due to the unique composition, morels are used in folk medicine in the form of tinctures and decoctions for external and internal use:

  • as an antithrombotic and antivaricose action: they strengthen the vascular system, improve the composition and thin the blood, increase the level of hemoglobin;
  • for eye diseases: improve metabolism, prevent clouding of the lens, strengthen the eye muscles. They are used to treat visual impairments – myopia, hyperopia, glaucoma, cataracts;
  • to stimulate lactation;
  • with violations in the digestive tract;
  • to restore cartilage and muscle tissue;
  • to recover from illness and improve immunity;
  • to remove toxins;
  • as a diuretic.

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chemical composition and calories in morels mushroom

The intense nutty aroma of morels attracts the attention of not only amateurs but also professional chefs. The short harvest season means that this product is hard to come by.

The benefits and harms of morel mushrooms are still being debated.

They are worth looking for and collecting not only because of the pleasant taste, but also because of the unique chemical composition and benefits. These mushrooms are a good source of minerals and vitamin D. One glass of raw mushrooms can contain 22% of the recommended daily amount of this vitamin. Calorie content is only 31 kcal per 100 grams.

Morels tend to grow in rich soils, which is why they are so full of vitamins and minerals. The chemical composition can vary, but usually mushrooms contain significant amounts of iron, copper, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, folate, niacin, and riboflavin, the benefits of which are undeniable. In addition, they also contain a considerable amount of potassium, magnesium, calcium, selenium, thiamine, vitamins E and B6. All this speaks of their undoubted useful properties.

is morel mushroom good for the body?

is morel mushroom good for the body

In addition to the above substances, morels contain antioxidants, as well as regulate blood sugar levels and restore liver cells. They are high in protein and fiber, which is priceless in terms of benefits for the body.

It is believed that they improve appetite and normalize digestion. Vitamins contained in mushrooms help maintain good vision. They are also useful for strengthening the immune system. Check out guide on When to Pick mushrooms.

Recipes of traditional medicine from morels

Research results have shown that polysaccharides from morel fruiting bodies have many healing properties, including antitumor, immunoregulatory properties, and antiviral effects. Extracts from them have, among other things, antioxidant properties.

Morels are used in folk medicine to treat indigestion, excessive sweating, and shortness of breath. For this purpose, a decoction or tincture of mushrooms is used for a long time, the beneficial properties of which are obvious.

Morel Mushroom juice is good for you

morel mushroom juice

It is believed that morel juice is able to benefit the body, providing a healing and tonic effect. You can get it by preparing a concentrated mushroom decoction. This is done simply. The proportion is calculated as follows: for each glass of water, there should be a tablespoon of chopped mushrooms. The mixture is boiled for half an hour, after which it is left for several hours. The finished broth should be filtered and taken in a small amount (no more than 50 ml at a time).

morels mushroom tincture

The tincture is used externally for medicinal purposes. To prepare it, you will need the following:

  • dried chopped mushrooms,
  • absolute alcohol,
  • purified water,
  • vegetable glycerin.

Dried chopped mushrooms are divided into two equal parts. Then cover half of the mushrooms with a mixture consisting of 70% alcohol, 20% glycerin and 10% water. Insist 4-6 weeks.

Then prepare a decoction by mixing the second half of the mushrooms with a volume of water twice as large as was used in the previous step. Boil it for at least one, and preferably two or more hours, adding water as needed during cooking. After that, you need to continue to boil until the liquid begins to evaporate. It should remain exactly the same as the alcohol solution. After that, the broth is removed from the fire and completely cooled.

It is necessary to mix the liquids from the decoction and tincture, while the final product should contain approximately 25% alcohol. A useful remedy of traditional medicine is ready!

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can you eat morel mushrooms raw?

can you eat morel mushrooms raw

You should never eat raw mushrooms: this can cause cramps or indigestion. Cooking eliminates substances that can cause harm. The first sample of edible morels should be small, with a break of several hours: if there is no allergic reaction, you can eat more.


Having found out are morel mushrooms good for you and what are the benefits and harms of morels are, you can confidently draw a conclusion about their undoubted culinary and medicinal value. However, the wild product must be properly identified. To distinguish these mushrooms from the lines, which, instead of benefit, can cause significant harm to the body, preliminary preparation is needed.